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Bronze – for focused steps towards growth

Bronze – for focused steps towards growth

You know your business has more potential and you really want to put business growth strategies in place, but you don’t know where to start. This carefully planned service will put you right on track. Goal setting, forecasting, at-a-glance reports and more…this is a practical toolbox to get you started.

Goal setting – Using the very latest goal-setting tools and processes, we can help you to identify, articulate and understand where you want the business to go.

Personal balance sheet – Knowing where you are now helps you plan for the future. The personal balance sheet is a key document showing your net worth. This calculation can be used when applying for finance. It also makes it easier for your family/executor/attorney to identify and deal with your estate should you either die or become incapacitated – greatly reducing the stress for your family at such a difficult time.

Business planning and forecasting – We will prepare a business plan and 12 month cash flow and profit and loss forecast, broken down month by month. This will be in a format suitable for presentation to your bank manager.  You can use this to make continuous improvements, as it will give you improved clarity and focus, and greater confidence in your decision-making.

Business potential – A simple one-page report giving an indication of what might be possible in your business.  As a result of doing this you can clearly identify what profit you could achieve in your business and take steps towards it.


"We'll help you prepare for your success. You'll know exactly where you are, where you want to go and all the steps you need to take to reach your goals".

Jane Jenkins

Management accounts – We will prepare management accounts from your accounting records, including graphical and ratio analysis. This will give you a regular up- to-date scoreboard of your business. Having your current financials can also help in making the best decisions and formulating a plan of action.

5-year summaries and review – Accelerated growth has to be built on solid foundations.  We look beyond the last financial year to identify challenges specific to your business and build defences against them in the future. This detailed review of the performance of your business over the last five years will include graphs and charts to illustrate how you have performed and ratio analysis to highlight your strengths and weaknesses. The report also contains a sensitivity analysis to calculate how much more successful and profitable your business could be.

Board view meetings – Every 10 weeks, we will attend your key business meetings as a resource to help you focus and extract maximum value from every session. You can use us in any way you want – from silent observer to adjudicator, technical advisor to independent sounding board, chairman to minute taker, or even as a facilitator for brainstorming sessions.

Need help with setting systems up or implementing them? All three business growth programmes have one day’s set-up time built in. As an optional extra service, you can also book more as required.

"Get started right now. Request your free consultation with me now."

Michael Hemme



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