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Silver service – when you are ready for more support

Silver service – when you are ready for more support

You’ve already enjoyed some business growth and you know you have the potential for more. But now you need some support to make sure you maintain your momentum and your stability as you solidify your business and personal goals. We will help you put the systems in place to move towards the next level, including a highly practical monthly one-page plan.

All the services of the bronze package:

  • Goal setting
  • Personal balance sheet
  • Business planning and forecasting
  • Business potential
  • Management accounts
  • 5-year summaries and review
  • Board view meetings – identical to the Bronze offer but every two months instead of every 10 weeks.


Plus all this:

Success driver mapping – Mapping the key drivers for success. This dynamic plan allows you to map out and measure the key systems in your business, and then plan for improvement.


"Just think about what you could achieve with the support and encouragement of the MDH team."

Natalie Cox

Business one page plan – A monthly one page document that describes all the key factors behind your business's success, maps them out in a logical way and links your goals, success drivers and eventual results. It acts as an early warning system highlighting the gaps between your actual performance and your targets, and helps you create an action plan for closing these gaps. And it will do all of this on a single A4 sheet of paper.

Follow up calls – Real business success comes through taking action. These calls in between meetings provide an opportunity to keep those actions on track and examine any barriers to achieving them.

Benchmarking review – We will carry out a benchmarking review to measure the performance of your business against other businesses within your sector. Our report will highlight those areas where improvements can be made to your profitability and cash flow position. We will also meet with you to discuss the findings and plan for the future.

Set up time – no matter how committed you are to taking action, sometimes we can all benefit from extra hands on deck. There is one day’s set-up time built in to all our business growth programmes so our team can give you process help you need. You can also book more as an optional extra service.

"Get started right now. Request your free consultation with me now."

Michael Hemme



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