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Customer Committed Team Award… Second Year In A Row!

Every day we are striving to help business owners achieve more, to support them through the tough decisions, and to help them implement change to take them to the next level. To do this we need to constantly be improving ourselves, the MDH practice and our approach.


This year, we won AVN’s Customer Committed Team Award, for the second year in a row, and here is why we were chosen to win this award;

‘MDH have an exceptional approach to their greatest, and most invaluable asset – their team.  

MDH invest in external training to keep them at the forefront of business growth accountancy. But they know that each team member is an individual – and personal development is MDH’s biggest differentiator.

Nobody arrives at the office door of MDH and leaves ‘themselves’ at the door. No training can, or should attempt, to change their personalities – that’s the MDH ethos.  

You could say that MDH are one seriously cohesive team – thanks to the information-sharing between members and the understanding it creates about the person across the office.

What do they need to perform? As partners, they own the responsibility of ensuring everyone has what they need to succeed.’



Would your business be in the running to win a team award?

One of the most valuable cogs in your business is your team. The right team members are those who not only have the technical capabilities to fulfil their role, but the right attitude and a dedication to excellence.

Selecting and nurturing the right people will make your job as a business owner a breeze.

Without them, you can feel like you’re swimming against the tide.


How do you get legendary service?

Hire the person, before hiring the professional.

‘You can’t teach someone to want to serve; you can’t teach people to smile, and you can’t teach personality.

But you can hire people with those qualities and teach them your product, and then your culture.’

– Mac Anderson


Do you need to improve the team? Come and talk to us, and we will show you how this works at MDH and how you could apply the same practices in your business.


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